Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jiang Ke

Jiang Ke , formally the Duke of Yong'an , was an official and general of the dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as for several years during the reign of .


Despite Jiang Ke's high status, little is firmly established about his background or career except for the years that he served as -- as, unusual for a chancellor, he did not have a biography in either the ''Book of Tang'' or the ''New Book of Tang''. Little is known about Jiang Ke's career prior to his becoming chancellor in 665, although it was noted in the biography of his colleague Yan Liben that he was a renowned general who was promoted for his battlefield achievements. The only real record of his military accomplishment came in 662, when he served as the deputy of the general Qibi Heli in a campaign to pacify the Tiele tribes -- a successful one, as Qibi was able to persuade the tribes to give up the chieftains who had rebelled against Tang and to resubmit to Tang.

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